A Letter from Derren Kan

Dear all of our Supporters and Customers,


After 32 years of being in operation and continually providing the Carolinas and the East Coast with amazing noodles, we are seeking proposals for an acquisition of First Noodle Company. Even though our business is still growing and gaining momentum throughout our 32 years of operation, this difficult decision has surfaced since we are becoming older and we want to experience our next step in both of our lives. We wanted to thank all of our customers that we have served and the amazing partnerships that we have experienced during our 32 years. 

For any proposals or interest in our business, please use the contact page and email us, or call us on our business line. We have completed a business appraisal and we have further information if needed. Lastly, during this time of transition, First Noodle will remain open and loyal to serving our customers until further notice.

Thank you all for the support and business throughout all these years,

Derren Kan