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A Humble Beginning.

Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1987, First Noodle Company Inc. has been providing the Carolinas and the South East quality products for restaurants. Ying Yu Kan came from a background and experience of working at Southern Noodle for 11 years. With the expertise of manufacturing and creating reliable products for their customers at Southern Noodle, Ying Yu decided to attempt it on his own. First Noodle was born.

The history of the name simply came to him when he knew that this noodle company was the first in North Carolina. Through the years, First Noodle grew through rental properties until finally Ying Yu and his wife Derren decided to invest and bought a factory in the fall of 1995. Currently, the office and factory covers 16,000 square feet.

The company has been featured in the Charlotte Observer in 1997 on their growth and effect on the business community. In 2012, First Noodle products were featured on the “Fire in the Triangle” Cooking Competition, which is part of the “Got to be NC Competition dining series”. This competition featured North Carolina products, and featured First Noodle products as one of the mystery ingredients.

Chef Dean Wendel, Head Chef of the restaurant Flights in Raleigh and winner of the competition, said that our products were “great to work with” and it was “versatile and the quality was excellent.”

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