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Here are some of the products that we offer!

Egg Roll Skin

Extra crispy when cooked and full of flavor.

Dumpling Skin

Our dumpling wrapper is thick and durable as they are hard to break when cooking.

Thin Wonton Skin

Great for wrapping Wontons, as well as any type of rangoon. This wrapper is thin, but it does not fall apart easily.

Thin Wonton Skin
Wonton Skin

A little thicker than the Thin Wonton Skin, this can handle more filling.

Shanghai Noodle (Udon Noodle)

This is our take on the Udon Noodle. We believe it should be slick, but full in texture when eating it.

Egg Noodle, Lo Mein

Our Egg Noodle is made with Real Grade A Eggs. This gives our noodles the taste that our competitors can't give.

Egg Noodle Cases

Packaging of our Egg Noodle. (Lo-Mein)

Wet Noodle

This product is usually used to deep fry at restaurants to accompany soups, however cooking it brings great results as well.

Thin Canada Noodle

These are Hong Kong style wonton noodles that is usually compliments the soup. Our Canada Noodle differs from other noodles because it has potassium with 95% of the product containing real whole eggs.

Steam Noodle

This noodle can be perfectly and easily pan fried which makes the noodles crispy. These noodles are actually already cooked after steamed. In most restaurants they use this as a compliment to their mixture of their main dish.

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